The Complete Course of Tung's Acupuncture

Dr Wei-Chieh Young and Dr Michael Chung


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WHO SHOULD take this course

  • Experienced Tung Acupuncturists who want to learn the complete foundation of Tung Acupuncture with Dr Wei Chieh Young, a legendary Tung Acupuncture teacher & practitioner
  • Acupuncturists who want to learn and go deep with the complete system of Tung Acupuncture including its theories, Points, Manipulations, and Therapeutics through deep understanding and explanation through of Huang Di Nei Jing & Yi Jing.
  • Acupuncturists who wants to understand Tung system connotation and greatly expand their understanding of the original “14 meridians” system and in-depth application.
  • Acupuncture student or new graduates who wants to learn the complete system of Tung acupuncture from a direct disciple of Master Tung, Dr Wei Chieh Young.
  • For Tung acupuncturist who move from the level of “knowing it” to the level of “knowing why” and to achieve the effective way for improving and upgrading your technique.

Dr Yong Instructing


Real knowledge sometime can’t be received from books; it is through direct transmission that knowledge and techniques can be received. 

This requires being with the teacher and experiencing that person through observation and guided practice. Thus the subtle qualities of the senior practitioner can be received. Come and learn from Dr Young’s more than 40 years experience in teaching Tung Acupuncture. 


Tung’s Acupuncture focuses on using fewer needles, usually around 6, with instant pain relief.

By attending this masterclass, you are able to develop your knowledge and skills, meaning you are able to offer more services to your patients. 
Very few practitioners will have this exposure the Tung’s method, setting you apart from other acupuncturists, benefiting your career and skills

Dr Yong Instructing
Course description


Dr Young will combine years of experience from Master Tung and himself with a lot of case studies supplemented by Chinese medicine theories in explaining Tung’s Acupuncture. 

He has also spent decades developing, researching and sharing the teachings meaning his knowledge is second to none.

The goals of this course are to enable the attendants to locate the Tung's points correctly and learn the theories, applications, and general therapeutics in a short time.

This is a 4-day foundation course appropriate for TCM practitioners with many years to no experience in Tung’s Acupuncture. This class will start with an explanation of the theory behind Tung’s acupuncture using Nei Jing and Yi Jing. Then we will go into depth about each point: its location, indication, and theory. 


The goal of this course is to come away with a clear comprehension of the theory, location, and application of Tung’s points. This course will also be supplemented by many clinical case stories as well as demonstrations.

This 4-day course is to systematically elaborate the principle and technique of Tung Acupuncture. It is the best way to start for those who have not studied Tung Acupuncture before. 

For the practitioners who have already studied Tung Acupuncture, it will lead you to move from the level of “knowing it” to the level of “knowing why” and to achieve the effective way for improving and upgrading your technique.

Dr Yong Instructing
Dr Yong Instructing

All about Dr Wei Chieh Young

Dr Wei Chieh Young has spent over 40 years dedicated to TCM, researching, writing and practising. His most notable contribution to the TCM community has been laying the philosophical and TCM foundation for the special points discovered by Master Tung.

Dr Young’s interest in TCM began in his father’s wushu studio whilst learning orthopaedic care. He then independently studied TCM throughout high school, leading to mentorships with Dr Ma Guangya and Master Tung. From treating professors and classmates while in college to volunteer work in Tibet, he has continuously practised and overseen the care of thousands of patients.

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All about Dr michael chung

Dr. Michael Chung is a registered Doctor of TCM (Dr. TCM) in British Columbia of Canada. Since 1998 he established his own TCM practice in West Vancouver, BC. He received his B.Sc. in Pharmacy from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan; MSc and PhD in TCM from the Tianjin TCM University.   

Michael has studied TEAS (Tung’s Extraordinary Acupuncture System) since 1990 with Dr. Young, Wei-Chieh for more than 28 years. He is one of the few intimate students of Dr. Young and was adopted as a disciple in 1991. In the last 20 years, he has applied TEAS in treating patients and shared the teaching of TEAS in various cities in Taiwan, US, UK and Canada.

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Dr Yong Instructing

frequently asked questions

and some answers...

Why are the Complete Courses the pre-requisite to the Advanced Courses?

This decision is based on years of experience in instructing the Complete Courses and valuable student feedback.

Students found the overall course was to in depth, participants had difficulty following along therefore wasting time and money

In fact, the Complete Courses are sufficient and useful in clinical practice. 

How do I get the best seat for the seminar?

Early payment determines priority seating...the earlier the payment the better the seat

What language is the seminar presented in?

The seminar is presented In Mandarin Chinese with English Translation.

How many seats are available for the seminar?

Venue limited to 40 seats for each seminar. Reserved 5 seats only reserved for repeat attendees.

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Theories and Needling Methods of Tung’s Acupuncture

Tea break

Theories and Needling Methods of Tung’s Acupuncture

 Lunch break

Points on 11.00, 22.00, 33.00 areas (locations and manipulations)

Tea Break

Points on 11.00, 22.00, 33.00 areas (locations and manipulations)

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Therapy of commonly seen and difficult diseases

Tea break

 Therapy of commonly seen and difficult diseases

 Lunch break

Therapy of commonly seen and difficult diseases

Tea Break

Therapy of commonly seen and difficult diseases

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