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Balance Method: Core Foundations Track


What Dr Eileen han's Balance Method Students have to say:

“My clinical skills and results drastically changed and improved since I met and learn directly from Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan.
I decided to continue learning from Eileen and Paul because they are one of the best Dr. Tan students.
Glad we have this option available.
My practice produces outstanding results using Distal Balance Method for Pain and Chronic Conditions.”

Dr. Lana Moshkovich.
Deerfield IL, USA.

“Dr Eileen Han and the teachers of The Academy of Acupuncture (TAA) are doing a wonderful job of honoring Dr Richard Tan’s legacy by teaching Balance Method Acupuncture in an easy to learn and practical way.

... If you take one seminar or one hundred, you will always walk away with practical tools to apply in your clinic as soon as you get home. The return on investment is amazing. I highly recommend working with this group of people!”

Lindsay Trottier, DACM LAc.
San Diego CA, USA.

"In classes, I’ve told many other senior students of Dr. Tan that Dr. Han actually teaches BETTER than Dr. Tan did. I believe that is because she was the main one keeping everything organised for MANY years as his closed door apprentice. Dr. Tan guided her in practice and primed Dr. Eileen Yue-Ling Han as his number one student to properly teach The Balance Method....I am forever grateful for you and Dr. Richard Tan.”

Anna Dolopo.
Mission Viejo CA, USA.

Advanced Workshop for Stroke & Brain Injury


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Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture


what our students are saying

Charlene Tsang - Investing in a Bright Future

Dr Alia Melki - Helping Communities Globally

Dr Marcin Wolfinger - The Best of Both Worlds

Dr Peter Mejia - Rising to Meet the Challenge

Dr Sohial Farzam - Inspiring Solutions

Dr James Lu - A Wealth of Experience

Tung's Acupuncture Workshop 1 | Level Human (Ren) 人部之卷


Tung's Acupuncture Masterclass Workshop Series

This series of workshops is intended for practitioners who are seriously passionate for receiving comprehensive training (small group & hands on) of genuine Tung’s Acupuncture System from Dr Michael Chung, one of the most intimate disciple of Dr Wei-chieh Young, the direct and genuine lineage of Master Tung.

 Acupuncture Orthopedics 2020



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what our students are saying

"What I am loving about the ZSA courses is it's just so easy and practical...I can treat immobile people in a much quicker way"

Dr Alia Melki

Acupuncturist, Lebanon

"I think that when you learn from someone you want to be friends with and be around all the time you will just absorb all the information easier"

Dr Peter Mejia

Acupuncturist, Australia

 "I get very good results, especially with stroke patients. The human body is not only the body but the mind"

Dr Marcin Wolfinger

Neurologist, Poland

Become a Certified Zhu Scalp Acupuncture Specialist


Module 5: 7 Day Internship

In order to participate in ZSA internship (module 5) you must complete all ZSA courses including module 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Dates to be announced


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