Dr Michael Chung

Dr Michael Chung is a registered Doctor of TCM (Dr. TCM) in British Columbia of Canada. Since 1998 he established his own TCM practice in West Vancouver, BC. He received his B.Sc. in Pharmacy from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan; MSc and PhD in TCM from the Tianjin TCM University, China.

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About Dr Michael Chung

Dr Chung has been teaching in TCM and Naturopathic schools in the US and Canada since 1995. His professional knowledge of both TCM and western medicine, and his personal attributes have made him a well-known TCM practitioner in the both the Chinese and mainstream communities.  

Dr Chung is passionate about advancing the professional education and practice of TCM in Canada.  Dr Michael Chung's expertise and professionalism is well-recognised by authorities in his industry.

Disciple of Dr Wei-Chieh Young

Michael has studied TEAS (Tung’s Extraordinary Acupuncture System) for more than 27 years with Dr Young, Wei-Chieh. He is one of the few intimate students of Dr Young and was adopted as a disciple in 1991. He is considered as one of the major successors of Dr Young and a dedicated educator of Tung’s Acupuncture.

In the last three decades, he has applied TEAS in treating patients and shared the teaching of TEAS in Taiwan, China, US and Canada. In recent years he has not only taken roles as Dr Young’s English translator during well-attended seminars, but also co-taught for many workshops in Australia, Germany, Malaysia, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, San Jose, Guangzhou and Taipei. 

He has been invited by the Ordre of Acupuncture of Quebec to conduct the full series of Tung’s Acupuncture workshops, from the foundational-entrance level to advanced studies of Tung’s Acupuncture System. So far approximately more than 200 Quebec acupuncturists have received his teaching in Montreal.


British Columbia of Canada

Registered Doctor of TCM (Dr. TCM)

Taipei Medical University - Taiwan

B.Sc. in Pharmacy

Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

MSc and PhD

Tzu Chi International Medicinal Association - Canada

Founder and convener 

Since 2012

Tzu Chi Clinic of TCM

Medical Director

Since 2018

College of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists of BC (CTCMA)

Chief Examiner and Academic Consultant

College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners & Acupuncturists - Canada

Elected member of Board of Directors

Chaired the board in 2011

Expert Advisory Committee of Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD)


2007 - 20010


Learn From a Direct Disciple of Dr Wei-Chieh Young