Basics of Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture Nov 2018

Prof Ming Qing Zhu and Dr James Lu


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WHO SHOULD ATTEND THe basics of zhu's scalp acupuncture seminar?

  • Practitioners who would like to increase their arsenal of effective tools to deliver instant and long term clinical results
  • Practitioners who would like to learn an acupuncture system that is famous for neurological conditions
  • Practitioners would like to treat “real deal” conditions eg stroke, emergency conditions, spinal cord injuries, paralysis etc
  • Chinese medicine students who have special interest in neurological conditions and the scalp acupuncture philosophy and system

Dr Yong Instructing


  • History of Scalp Acupuncture
  • Zhu's treatment zones: locations, functions, and indications
  • Procedure and techniques
  • Precautions and contradictions
  • Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture basic applications
  • Daoyin therapy basic application
  • Daoyin therapy demonstration & practice

treating a Stroke Patient with Hemiplegia using zhu's scalp acupuncture

Watch Dr James Lu treating a patient with hemiplegia on the right arm & leg during Basic ZSA course in Melbourne June 2018. This patient flew in from Adelaide to Melbourne to participate the event.

Dr Zhu Instructing


Based on his 50 years of clinical experience and developed by Professor Zhu , Zhu Scalp Acupuncture is one of four Scalp Acupuncture systems known in China. It is recognised as one of the most effective Acupuncture systems for treating difficult conditions.

ZSA uses a microsystem on the scalp to affect different systems and areas within the body. It is an integrated system between Chinese and Western medicines and has its own map of treatment zones on the scalp.

Professor Zhu’s technique involves very short, fine needles to avoid any undue discomfort for the patient. The needle insertion is combined with appropriate stimulation techniques and specific physical movement/exercise, known as Dao Yin, to greatly increase the efficacy of the Acupuncture. 

  • The patient can easily be treated in a seated position.
  • The application of needles is painless.
  • Patients display immediate positive responses that translate into long term positive outcomes.
  • Long needle retention times, even up to 3 days, provides the patient with a continual therapeutic action.
  • It is an integrative form of medicine, informed by both Western and Chinese Medicine paradigms.
  • The necessity for ‘Daoyin’ as part of the treatment in order to achieve superior clinical outcomes.
  • ZSA is easily integrated with other styles of Acupuncture without conflict


Dr Zhu Instructing

All about Dr James Lu

Dr Lu is a direct disciple of Dr Zhu and the director of Zhu’s Neuro Acupuncture & Rehabilitation Centre.

Dr. Lu, a licensed Acupuncturist and Physical Therapist, has been in the medical profession for over 20 years. He has worked as Director of Rehabilitation and Senior Physical Therapist in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private clinics. His primary experience has been in the realms of orthopedics, stroke rehabilitation, balance/vestibular disorders and pain management. Dr. Lu holds a doctorate in Physical Therapy from The University of St. Augustine, and a Master’s of Science from The American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

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frequently asked questions

and some answers...

Is there any previous requirements to complete this seminar?

In order to attend the Neural & Pain disorder component attendees must attend or have previously completed the Basics of Scalp Acupuncture module

How do I get the best seat for the seminar?

Early payment determines priority seating...the earlier the payment the better the seat

How many seats are available for the seminar?

Venue limited to 40 seats for each module. Reserved 5 seats only reserved for repeat attendees.

How do I become a fully qualified accredited Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture Practitioner?

To become a fully qualified accredited Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture Practitioner all four modules must be completed as well as a short internship in China organised through SustainHealth Academy 

Are course notes for the ZSA seminars provided in English?

Yes, all course notes provided at ZSA seminars are written in English.

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