Acupuncture Business Success Bootcamp

Jimmy Yen


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Acupuncturists who would like...

  • to NET a minimum of 100k/year
  • more time with their family, more time to travel
  • to Work less hours without compromising their Net Income
  • to decrease their Clinical hours or office hours by as much as 50%, without compromising their Net Income
  • to become a CEO of their business instead of just a clinician only
  • To OWN their business, instead of having their business own them
  • to Double & triple your income & freedom
  • To have Work-Life Balance After they’ve put in the Hard Work


Acupuncturists who...

  • Are looking for a quick fix, a magic bullet
  • Want Success without having to put in Hard Work
  • Want Success without having to change themselves
  • Want Success without having to evolve their mindset
  • Think they already know it all
  • Find fault in everybody EXCEPT themselves
  • Want Work-Life Balance BEFORE they’ve put in the Hard Work
  • Want a get rich quick technique


Dr Zhu Instructing

How to Get a consistent flow of new patients

New patients are the lifeblood of your acupuncture business. Without new patients, your clinic would cease to exist. The question is how do you get a consistent flow of new patients. Advertising, social media, networking, screenings, lectures, etc there are so many strategies to get new patients. If you are like me when I first started out, I had limited resources and I wanted to know which marketing strategy actually worked and which strategy was the most cost efficient and gave the biggest bang for my buck. I spent a lot of money and time hiring coaches, trying different marketing strategies and made a lot of mistakes. You don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. You don’t have to waste the tens of thousands of $$$$ that I did. I’ve made the mistake and spent the money, for you, to learn what actually works and what doesn’t, and how to make different marketing strategies work.

On Day 1 I’m going to reveal the strategies that my clinics have used and currently still use to consistently get new patients without breaking the bank AND giving you a MINIMUM of 1:4 Return on Investment, which means for every $1 you spend you will get $4 back.

On Day 1 we will also work on your marketing plan so that you will leave this bootcamp with an action plan to consistently get more new patients.

Convert Leads to New Patients to Lifelong patients

After you get the Leads to contact your office, then what? How do you get them to become a new patient? Once they become a new patient, how do you get them to continue with care long enough for you to produce your magic? We all know that if our patients don’t give us enough time or opportunities, it makes it hard for us to help them. So if we can get them to stay longer, then that increases our chance of helping them resolve their health conditions. But the problem most Acus run into is that the patients stay for 1 or 3 treatments and quit.

The key to solving this dilemma is COMMUNICATION. Communication starts from the front desk. Regardless of whether you have staff or not, how you answer your phone is crucial to converting a LEAD to a new Patient. Once the New patient comes in for their first visit, how you communicate to them the treatment plan is crucial to them following your treatment plan. What you say during your new patient’s first visit will determine if they stay for 2 treatments or 20 treatments.

On Day 2, I will be training you on how we communicate on the phone to how we communicate on the first visit. I will reveal all of the systems I use in my clinics to generate phenomenal results. My front desk converts 71.6% of Leads to New Patients, which means for 10 people that call our office, my front desk will get 7 of those people to prepay and schedule for their first visit in our clinics. My associate acupuncturists convert 90.3% of those new patients to starting their first treatment plan, and then convert 80% of those same patients into additional treatment plans. This means that if we have 10 new patients, my associates get 9 of them to start treatments based on our first treatment plan. After those 9 new patients finish their 1st treatment plan, 7 of those new patients continue with a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc treatment plans.

On Day 2 we will work on your fee structure, treatment plan structure, conversion process so that you will leave this bootcamp with an action plan on how to convert and retain your new patients. 

Dr Zhu Instructing

Learn how to work Smarter

We all know it takes hard work to build a successful acupuncture business, but do you ever wonder besides just working harder and harder, there’s got to be a better way, right? We’ve all heard the saying “work smarter, not harder”. The short answer is YES, there is a better, more efficient way to grow and manage your practice. Now this doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard, you still have to work hard, that’s the price we have to pay as business owners. However, working smarter means that when you work the same amount of time, the results you produce are 2x or 3x more than before.

Depending on how you define success and what your goals are, the amount of work you need to put in will vary. For example, if your goal is to NET 100k per year, then it is highly possible to be treating patients for 18-20 hours per week, that’s from personal experience.

On Day 3, I will be training you on how to structure your clinic, from patient flow to how to schedule your appointments so that you can maximize the time you are in clinic. We will also discuss how to monitor progress, and how to make decisions objectively for the growth of your clinic. Instead of just randomly spending money on what you think may be the problem. I will train you to use statistics to pinpoint the specific HOLE in your Bucket.

On Day 3, we will work on streamlining your clinic’s patient flow, creating scheduling rules to maximize your time in the clinic, create a plan to help you work more efficiently so that you will have more time freedom and finanical freedom.

Jimmy’s Acupuncture Wealth System has been tested to work:

  • During a financial crisis
  • In an area saturated with 400+ acupuncturists
  • In an area where acupuncture insurance coverage is minimal to none
  • In different demographics
  • In a state where an acupuncturists is tightly limited in their scope of practice
  • When you don’t have connections in your community
  • When you have to do it by yourself, without the help of any family members
  • When you don’t have family members who are physicians
  • When you start off not having any business skills
  • In an area with 2 Acupuncture schools

jimmy yen

Jimmy Yen is a regular acupuncturist who came from humble beginnings and started his private practice in 2007 with a 6 figure debt and turned it into a 7 figure net worth by 2017.

With no business experience, Jimmy hired many coaches and found mentors to help him navigate through the complex world of business. Many of the business systems were too confusing which forced Jimmy to find ways to Simplify the systems.

It was then that Jimmy discovered his ability to Simplify Complex Systems, so that any Acupuncturist could implement and achieve success. Many of Jimmy’s systems are so simple that they can be instantly implemented and instantly generate great results

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frequently asked questions

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Is there any previous requirements to complete this seminar?

In order to attend the advanced ZSA seminars attendees must attend or have previously completed the Basics of ZSA Scalp Acupuncture module

How do I get the best seat for the seminar?

Early payment determines priority seating...the earlier the payment the better the seat

How many seats are available for the seminar?

Venue limited to 40 seats for each module. Reserved 5 seats only reserved for repeat attendees.

How do I become a fully qualified accredited Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture Practitioner?

To become a fully qualified accredited Zhu's Scalp Acupuncture Practitioner all four modules must be completed as well as a short internship in China organised through SustainHealth Academy 

Are course notes for the ZSA seminars provided in English?

Yes, all course notes provided at ZSA seminars are written in English.

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