Sunday 19th June 2022

11AM-12:20PM (AEST)

Case Studies: Rotator Cuff Syndrome & Multiple Sclerosis with Dr Poney Chiang

Sunday 19th June 2022

11AM-12:30PM (AEST)

Sunday 19 June 2022

11AM-12:30PM (AEST)

Case Studies: Rotator Cuff Syndrome & Multiple Sclerosis with Dr Poney Chiang


Understand the mechanisms behind the neural stimulation for treating rotator cuff syndrome and multiple sclerosis

Dr Poney Chiang's work on Neuro-Meridian Acupuncture is a combination of neuroscience with Acupuncture channel theory. 

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  • Rotator cuff syndrome treatment
  • How to isolate rotator cuff syndrome pathology
  • Multiple Sclerosis treatment
  • Neuroanatomy related to rotator cuff & MS
  • How to target peripheral nerves to treat rotator cuff & MS
  • Case examples (video, photos & dissections)
  • Live Q&As


  • An expert in peripheral neuroanatomy of Acupoints and their associated neuro-modulation techniques
  • He has a PhD in Biomedical Research from the Institute of Medical Science (University of Toronto)
  • Professor at the American Neuro-Acupuncture Institute in Santa Fe
  • Currently researching MRI-based study of the neuro-anatomy of Acupoints
  • Served on the Integrative Health Task Force at York University
  • Lectures to Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists and Medical Physicians in Europe, America and Australia
  • Contributed to peer-reviewed articles in Acupuncture journals


Dr Poney Chiang

Director @Neuro-Meridian Integrative Acupuncture

Dr Chiang is an expert in the peripheral nervous system that is associated with Acupuncture points. And is based on Traditional Acupuncture point location of the Ling Shu (灵枢) & Jia Yi Jing (甲乙经). He specialises in the integration of Acupuncture channel theory and modern neuroanatomy. Dr Chiang is a professor and director of the Integrative Acupuncture Program for the Faculty of Health at York University. He is also a professor at the American Neuro-Acupuncture Institute in Santa Fe and a former chair member of Herbal Medicine at the Ontario College of TCM. Dr Chiang is involved in research of the neuroanatomy of Acupuncture based on cadaver dissection and MRI research. He is an author of multiple articles published in Acupuncture journals and is currently writing an Integrative Acupuncture textbook. 


Dr Scott Ling

Director @SustainHealth Academy

Dr Ling is the clinical director at Sustain Health. Over the past 10 years, he has developed the practice to be one of the most reputable Chinese Medicine clinics in the country. In the past 15 years of clinical practice, Dr Ling has lost no time in expanding and deepening his knowledge. You can find Dr Ling at the majority of TCM seminars, conferences and symposiums, both domestic and international. His greatest passion is to share all of his experiences with the Chinese Medicine community... both in Australia and abroad. He hand-picks the best Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture masters and their methods from around the globe... aspiring to improve, learn, and grow together with the community.