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Dr  Eileen Han

Master treating all conditions with just one simple method

Balance Method Acupuncture

Module 1: Dr Tan's Core Essentials

Dr Eileen Han

Learn the Nuances of the Balance Method from a Direct Disciple 

Balance Method Acupuncture

Module 1:  Dr Tan's Point Prescriptions

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Reasons to learn the balance method from dr eileen han 

Course Overview

Course Overview

The Balance Method is a key foundation for treating all diseases, internal and external.

This course explores fundamental training on the Five Systems of the Balance Method, which are based on Ba Gua relationships and the Chinese Clock.

Developed by the late Dr Richard Teh-Fu Tan, this methodology focuses on the logical needling of balancing meridians to heal body ailments.

Upon completion of this coursework, participants will be able to apply the concepts immediately in practice to develop effective treatments.

Recommended for: Beginner and advanced practitioners

  • Melbourne, Adina Apartment Hotel MELBOURNE (4.5 ⭐), 189 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000
  • 28-30 July 2023
  • 9am - 5:30pm (AEST)
  • 21 CPD Points
  • Prerequisites: None 
  • Approved by: AACMA, AcuNZ

This seminar is Module 1 of the Balance Method Acupuncture Series  

This seminar is Module 1 of the Balance Method Acupuncture Series  

To attend Module 3, all participants must have attended Modules 1 and 2 or a similar training with Dr Eileen Han before advancing to this fast-paced, highly detailed seminar.

Module 1

Dr Tan's Core Essentials

  • 3-5 Feb 2023
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Module 2

Dr Tan's Point Prescriptions

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Module 3 

Dr Tan's Advanced Teachings

Yet to be announced

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What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn


To apply the Meridian Conversion methods to your patients


To change your treatment protocols as your patient's condition changes or if they have multiple conditions/complaints


To take Zang Fu diagnosis or meridian diagnosis and apply Balance Method treatments 


Learn advance treatment protocols for male and female disorders


Be able to treat internal disorders


To Understand the relationship of the Ba Gua/hexagrams to the meridians


To treat more difficult cases where multiple meridians or organs are involved in the disease


To use less needles but have more impactful treatments

What You Will Gain

What You Will Gain


  • Confidence in being able to treat any condition that comes into your clinic
  • Improved efficacy in treating a wide variety of conditions
  • Advance treatment protocols for male and female disorders
  • Skills to be able to combine different treatment methods


  • Use Balance Method as a unified treatment system in your clinic so that your patients can see other practitioners and get the same results
  • Be able to show your patients the wow factor of immediate results
  • Have a practice that produces outstanding results
  • Be able to run multiple rooms with fast and efficient treatments

TCM Students & Graduates 

  • A technique that is sought after by employers
  • Nuances, stories and clinical experience from a direct disciple of Dr Richard Teh Fu Tan
  • Confidence in being able to treat any condition that comes into your clinic
  • Accelerate your practical learning curve


  • Be able to combine the effectiveness of Balance Method Acupuncture with other modalities to help your patients
  • It is recommended that you have Acupuncture training in order to get the maximum benefits from this course

Meet Your Teacher

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Name

Dr Eileen Han

PhD, 15-year apprentice to Dr Richard Tan, The Academy of Acupuncture

Dr Eileen Yue-Ling Han is a board-certified acupuncturist with a lifetime of extensive training and practice in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

During 15 years of immersion in her family’s acupuncture needle and TCM supplies business, Dr Eileen received invaluable practical experience that served as the foundation for her work today.

In 1999, Dr Eileen began her medical studies and an apprenticeship with Dr Richard Tan, the internationally renowned author and leader of the unique Balance Method.

During this time, she also received essential training in Western medicine and practice management. Now a renowned practitioner of the Balance Method, Dr Eileen delivers reliable and effective treatment for patients with a broad range of healthcare concerns.

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About Dr Richard Tan and the Balanced Method

About Dr Richard Tan and the Balanced Method

Born into a family dedicated to Chinese medicine, the late Dr Tan was always interested in acupuncture and began his studies and treatment of patients in Taiwan before moving to the United States in 1977.

After an extensive education, he earned his doctoral degree in San Diego at an Oriental Medicine school and opened his practice in 1989 to great success.

Through treating tens of thousands of patients, Dr Tan developed the Balance Method system, based on the works of Dr Chan and Master Tung. It is a simple and systematic way for practitioners all around the world to easily apply to their practice, and enables different conditions to be treated with just one acupuncture technique.

Rhomboid Pain Case Study With Dr Eileen Han 

Course Structure 

Course Structure 

The TCM profession is fundamentally hands-on, and we believe that teaching via practical work is the best way to learn. Receive personal guidance from masters in the field while practising on your peers or patient volunteers. Feel confident and prepared to use what you have learnt. 

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  • 28 JULY 2023
  • 9am - 5:30pm (AEST) 
  • 7 CPD Points 
  • Review of Imaging & Mirroring Formats
  • Logical Structure to the 5 Balance Method Systems
  • Treating Functional Diseases
  • Yangming Disease Patterns
  • Respiratory Disease Patterns
  • Dr Tan’s 4 Magical for “Narrow Front”
  • Shaoyang Disease Patterns
  • Treatment of Shen Disorders & Hormone Disorders
  • Case Studies & Questions
  • Demonstration and Q&ADemonstration and Q&A

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