Jimmy Yen

Jimmy Yen is a regular acupuncturist who came from humble beginnings and started his private practice in 2007 with a 6 figure debt and turned it into a 7 figure net worth by 2017. With no business experience, Jimmy hired many coaches and found mentors to help him navigate through the complex world of business. Many of the business systems were too confusing, which forced Jimmy to find ways to Simplify the systems.


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About Jimmy Yen

It was then that Jimmy discovered his ability to Simplify Complex Systems, so that any Acupuncturist could implement and achieve success.

Many of Jimmy’s systems are so simple that they can be instantly implemented and instantly generate great results.

Many of Jimmy’s mentors taught him that to succeed: look at what the norm is for your environment and do the exact opposite.

Jimmy found this to be 99.9% accurate, as many of the business systems taught by many coaches did not jive with Jimmy’s personal values.

Instead of baiting patients, withholding information from patients, beating around the bush with patients, Jimmy did the opposite and approached patients with 100% transparency. This lead to exponential growth for Jimmy’s clinics.

All of Jimmy’s systems are based on being 100% transparent with patients and with the acupuncturists that he trains.

Jimmy Yen's Workshop Philosophy

After spending over $200,000 on coaching, he found that many successful acupuncturists don’t know why they are successful, and that’s why their systems are dependent upon specific criteria in order to achieve the same result.

If a system can not generate the same result consistently, regardless of the environment, it is not a duplicatable system.

Jimmy’s Acupuncture Wealth System is built upon his 2 clinics in the Austin, TX metro area. His first clinic, that he started in 2007, was built during the US’s worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Jimmy started his cash based practice with zero patients, and zero connections and took it to 188 patient visits per week within 7 years. His 2nd clinic, he started in June 2018, which is the slowest time of the year for many acupuncture clinics, in the heart of Austin, TX, which has 400 acupuncturists, and took it from zero patients to 44 patient visits per week within 2 months.

 Other acupuncturists who have adapted Jimmy’s Acupuncture Wealth System, have also seen phenomenal results. In fact, one acupuncturist, who lives in a different state that has a high poverty rate, utilised Jimmy’s systems to build a 7 figure cash practice within 7 years, far surpassing Jimmy’s clinic.

Jimmy’s mission is to elevate TCM internationally and his goal is to help 1 million Acupuncturists across the world Net a minimum of $100,000 per year.  

Jimmy’s Acupuncture Wealth System has been tested to work:

  • During a financial crisis
  • In an area saturated with 400+ acupuncturists
  • In an area where acupuncture insurance coverage is minimal to none
  • In different demographics
  • In a state where an acupuncturists is tightly limited in their scope of practice
  • When you don’t have connections in your community
  • When you have to do it by yourself, without the help of any family members
  • When you don’t have family members who are physicians
  • When you start off not having any business skills
  • In an area with 2 Acupuncture schools

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