Thursday 15 Oct 2020


Introduction to Modern Tongue Diagnostics & Principle

Thursday 15 Oct 2020


Thursday 15 Oct 2020


Introduction to Modern Tongue Diagnostics
& Principle


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Want to learn how to combine modern tongue diagnostics in your treatment to achieve maximum clinical efficacy?



  • An introduction to Yin’s modern tongue diagnosis principle
  • The history of tongue diagnosis in Chinese Medicine
  • What is traditional Chinese tongue diagnosis(传统舌诊 & bio-holographic image (全息舌诊)and how to combine them
  • How to devise Acupuncture strategies through modern tongue diagnosis
  • How to devise Chinese Herbal Medicine strategy using modern tongue diagnosis
  • How to combine modern tongue diagnostics with Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine to achieve maximum clinical efficacy
  • Why tongue diagnosis has become an important tool to help patients via telehealth during the pandemic
  • Case studies
  • Live Q&A


  • Has over 30 years of experience in the field
  • Previous director of the Acupuncture department in Qingdao Hospital for TCM
  • Academic director of Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (UK)
  • Published books such as “Modern Tongue Diagnostics in Chinese Medicine” and “Principle and Atlas of Yin’s Modern Tongue Diagnostics”
  • Dedicated his career on the study and research of tongue diagnosis
  • Established a system for Modern Tongue Diagnosis and its according treatments
  • Teaches Modern Tongue Diagnosis all over the world
  • Invited to The Netherlands, Romania and Japan by government officials to share his TCM knowledge


Dr Hongchun Yin

Director @Chinese Medical Care

Dr Yin received his training in Shandong, China and continued on to become the Deputy Chief Physician in Qingdao Hospital of TCM. He currently practices at his own clinic in London, England. Dr Yin is also an Academic Director of the Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (UK). As well as a member of the editorial board and an editor of Journal of Chinese Medicine in the UK. He has dedicated his life work to studying and researching tongue and pulse diagnosis. Which resulted in him publishing two books detailing modern tongue diagnostics in Chinese Medicine as well as an atlas reference. Dr Yin has also published many articles and journals for the Chinese Medicine community. And continues to share his knowledge with practitioners, government officials and academics all over the world.


Dr Scott Ling

Director @SustainHealth Academy

Dr Ling is the clinical director at Sustain Health. Over the past 10 years, he has developed the practice to be one of the most reputable Chinese Medicine clinics in the country. In the past 15 years of clinical practice, Dr Ling has lost no time in expanding and deepening his knowledge. You can find Dr Ling at the majority of TCM seminars, conferences and symposiums, both domestic and international. His greatest passion is to share all of his experiences with the Chinese Medicine community... both in Australia and abroad. He hand-picks the best Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture masters and their methods from around the globe... aspiring to improve, learn, and grow together with the community.