Balance Method:
Core Foundations

Balance Method:
Core Foundations Track

Dr Eileen Han


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So Why Should I Take This Workshop?

Seminar with Workshop Spin 

Learn the basic knowledge of the Balance Method... practice on fellow students with Dr Eileen Han's personal instruction.

Small class teaching

Personal instruction from Dr Eileen Han guaranteed with a limit of 40 students 


Hands on practical

Practice locating each point in groups and receive needling technique instruction from Dr Eileen Han to achieve maximum results.

What is the Balance Method

The Balance Method is a key foundation for treating all diseases, internal and external.

Balance Method acupuncture training includes the Core Foundations Track, a four day workshop covering clinical wonders with acupuncture, the Global Balance Method for functional disorders, and an effective method to implement them in practice. 

This program is recommended for both beginning, returning, and advanced practitioners, as cumulative theoretical learning and needling practice is essential for continued elevation of clinical practice.

The Balance Method Acupuncture Advanced Track is available to practitioners after having completed the Core Foundations Track. 

How This Workshop Will Make You A Better Practitioner

LIVE PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATIONS.                              

After the core material lecture, transform theories & lectures into an "acupuncture 123 show" with Dr Eileen Han. Emphasize increased learning efficiency through visual input.


This is going to be an INTENSIVE 4-day acupuncture seminar focused on the Balance Method.



For the first time ever, Dr Eileen Han will reveal her unique fertility method systematically to the Australia & New Zealand acupuncturist community.

This means an extra 4 HOUR BONUS lesson- check it out below!


Presented by: Dr Eileen Han In association with SustainHealth Academy

Prerequisite: None

Date: To be announced

Where: Melbourne TBC

Times: 9am - 5pm 

CPD: 24 points

Approved by: AACMA, AcuNZ, NZASA, ATMS

COVID cancellation policy: In the event of a seminar cancellation due to the Coronavirus epidemic, we guarantee a full refund.

Terms and Conditions

Dr Richard Tan and the Balanced Method: The Origin

The Origin of Huai Dan 懷聃

As followers of Dr. Richard Tan know, he was an amazing man who poured his heart and soul into the creation of the world-renowned Balance Method. Born into a family dedicated to Chinese medicine, he was always interested in acupuncture and began his studies and treatment of patients in Taiwan before moving to the United States in 1977. 

After an extensive education, he earned his doctoral degree in San Diego at an Oriental Medicine school and opened his practice in 1989 to great success.

However, Dr. Tan was not one to rest on his laurels. With each of the tens of thousands of patients he treated, he extracted something new that helped him improve his needle techniques or fine-tune and elevate his Balance Method system.

Dr. Tan’s Chinese given name was “Teh-Fu” 譚特夫 (“maverick man” in Chinese) but he styled himself as “Dan” 聃 (assuming Lao Tzu’s first name) and “Wu-Bian” 無邊 (“infinite”). In honor of his chosen name, The Academy of Acupuncture was also founded under the Chinese name “Huai Dan” 懷聃.

This name conveys the Academy’s mission to serve as the facilitator to carry on the great tradition of Dr. Tan and his systematic Balance Method on his honorable behalf.

5 Reasons to Learn the Balance Method from Dr Eileen Han!

  • Dr Eileen Han has been Dr Tan’s closest direct disciple since 2005. She worked directly with Dr Tan in his clinic for 10 years.
  • Dr Han runs one of the largest acupuncture clinics in San Diego and treats an average of 50-70 patients per day using the Balance Method. She is not only an effective teacher, but she also understands how to enhance the business aspect of acupuncture by using the Balance Method.
  • She participated in over 300 classes from Dr Tan.
  • Dr Han has been teaching the Balance Method and other advanced courses for the past 5 years, over 50 Balance Method classes taught all over the world.
  • As a director of the Academy of Acupuncture, she is responsible for passing on the highest quality of Balance Method instruction.Also, as an extra bonus to honour Dr Richard Teh Fu Tan’s 5th memorial anniversary, Dr Eileen Han will unveil her highly successful fertility Balance Method, Traditional Chinese herbs & auricular acupuncture protocols. More on this below.

Who is Dr Eileen Han

Dr. Eileen Yue-Ling Han, PhD, LAc is a board-certified acupuncturist with a lifetime of extensive training and practice in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

During 15 years of immersion in her family’s acupuncture needle and TCM supplies business, Dr. Eileen also received invaluable practical experience that served as the foundation for her work today. 

In 1999, Dr. Eileen began her medical studies and an apprenticeship with Dr. Richard Tan, the internationally renowned author and leader of the unique Balance Method. 

During this time, she also received essential training in Western medicine and practice management. Now a renowned practitioner of the Balance Method, Dr Eileen delivers reliable and effective treatment for patients with a broad range of healthcare concerns.

Click here to learn more about Dr Han's professional experience, areas of expertise and more.

Who Should Attend Dr Eileen Han’s Balance Method Core Foundation Track?


Who want to strengthen their core foundation of Balance Method with Dr Eileen Han’s unique approach (seasoned Balance Method acupuncturists). Acupuncturists who want to form consistently effective acupuncture treatments.

 Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Chinese medicine practitioners who want to gain clarity of the 6 systems of Chinese will be amazed how scattered concepts will suddenly make sense! Produce instant results for patients using the Balance Method.

Other Healthcare Professionals

Other health practitioners and medical acupuncturists with a special interest in TCM acupuncture philosophy and system, and those who would like to convert Western medical diagnoses into accurate acupuncture diagnoses for effective treatments

TCM Students

TCM students or graduates who want to learn this “must-have” distal acupuncture method to jump-start their acupuncturist career and discover Dr Tan’s famous and most effective point combinations.


Get Faster Outcomes for YOUR PATIENTS with Dr Tan's Balance Method Training Today


See For Yourself...

Uterine fibroids pain treated with one needle. The Academy of Acupuncture, The Balance Method.

“When the Magic Happens”-The Academy of Acupuncture Balanced Method: - Tx chronic SI joint

Back pain - instant results - The Academy of Acupuncture Balance Method

Recommended Reading Materials ForThis Course


  • Discover a logical Three-Step strategy to immediately and effectively treat localised symptoms such as pain, numbness, stiffness, tingling, or burning
  • Understand the classical origin of the 6 Systems that summarise 2,000 years of Chinese Medicine into a simple balanced pattern
  • Apply the Golden Rules to form consistent and effective acupuncture treatments 
  • Learn the “Matrix Analysis Technique” to resolve imbalances, using a minimal number of meridians in your treatment
  • Apply the Taiji Dynamic Structure to treat functional diseases and whole-body pain
  • Convert Western medical diagnoses into accurate TCM diagnoses for effective treatments
  • Discover Dr Tan’s famous and most effective point combinations
  • Acquire Dr Eileen Han’s highly successful fertility protocols

Course Structure

All sessions include intensive lectures, hands-on practicals and live demonstrations.

Course Structure

All sessions include intensive lectures, hands-on practicals and live demonstrations.


Foundation of TCM Brain theory, development areas

  • TCM Brain in Huangdi Neijing and beyond
  • Brain functions 
  • Brain Pathological changes
  • Brain and Shen (Mind)
  • Brain in the last fifty years
  • Acupuncture research on Brain


Scalp Acupuncture 1

  • Foundation and styles of scalp acupuncture
  • Location and indications of commonly used scalp acupuncture areas

Motor Area, First speech area, Sensory Area, Chorea-Tremor Control Area, Vasomotor Area, Foot-Motor Sensory Area, Auditory Area, Visual Area, Balance Area, Stomach Area, Thoracic Cavity Area, Reproduction Area, Liver and Gallbladder, Intestine Area, Spirit-emotional area, Mania control area, Nose-Throat-Mouth-tongue area, Central area 


Scalp Acupuncture 2

  • Techniques of scalp acupuncture
  • Clinical application of scalp acupuncture


Treatment of neurological diseases

  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Dementia
  • MS
  • autism
  • brain injuries





Explain what makes your product or service great. Talk about features in a way that highlights the real value people get out of them.



Explain what makes your product or service great. Talk about features in a way that highlights the real value people get out of them.



Explain what makes your product or service great. Talk about features in a way that highlights the real value people get out of them.


Frequently Asked Questions

And Some Answers...



What Dr Eileen Han's Students
have to say:

Dr. Lana Moshkovich.Deerfield


“My clinical skills and results drastically changed and improved since I met and learn directly from Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan.I decided to continue learning from Eileen and Paul because they are one of the best Dr. Tan students.Glad we have this option available.My practice produces outstanding results using Distal Balance Method for Pain and Chronic Conditions.”

Telen Harper, MD, R.Ac.

Victoria BC, Canada.

“Dr. Eileen Han is a very knowledgeable and passionate teacher. I particularly enjoyed her anecdotes from her working years with Dr. Richard Tan and from her clinical practice. Thank you!”

Anna Dolopo

Mission Viejo CA, USA.

“I’ve been in practice since 1999 and a committed student of The Balance Method since March 6, 2006. I have taken ALL Dr. Richard Teh-Fu Tan’s classes and I’m catching up on all of Dr. Eileen Han’s classes that she has inherited to pass on her master’s legacy.

In classes, I’ve told many other senior students of Dr. Tan that Dr. Han actually teaches BETTER than Dr. Tan did. I believe that is because she was the main one keeping everything organized for MANY years as his closed door apprentice. Dr. Tan guided her in practice and primed Dr. Eileen Yue-Ling Han as his number one student to properly teach The Balance Method....I am forever grateful for you and Dr. Richard Tan.”

Lindsay Trottier, DACM LAc.

San Diego CA, USA.

“Dr Eileen Han and the teachers of The Academy of Acupuncture (TAA) are doing a wonderful job of honoring Dr Richard Tan’s legacy by teaching Balance Method Acupuncture in an easy to learn and practical way. Dr Han and the instructors of TAA provide decades of knowledge from learning directly with Dr Richard Tan, and decades of clinical and business experience... If you take one seminar or one hundred, you will always walk away with practical tools to apply in your clinic as soon as you get home. The return on investment is amazing. I highly recommend working with this group of people!”