what our zsa students are saying


"What I am loving about the ZSA courses is it's just so easy and practical...I can treat immobile people in a much quicker way"

Dr Alia Melki

Acupuncturist, Lebanon


"I think that when you learn from someone you want to be friends with and be around all the time you will just absorb all the information easier"

Dr Peter Mejia

Acupuncturist, Australia


 "I get very good results, especially with stroke patients. The human body is not only the body but the mind"

Dr Marcin Wolfinger

Neurologist, Poland


"Really enjoying the conference ... Learning heaps. It's incredible what I'm learning.

Dr Joseph Novesel

Acupuncturist, Australia


"I was really excited when you've got the head model, being able to put the needles in there. You know the whole 3D thing is awesome; you get to see Dr. Zhu treating people first hand as well as James Lu assisting him."

Dr Kanaan Otene

Acupuncturist, New Zealand


 "I'm very impressed with how effective and efficient Dr. Zhu's methods are, so much faster, less effort."

Dr Teaine O'Brien

Acupuncturist, Australia