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To produce the highest standard of excellence for Practitioners of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture...  changing the world of healthcare as we see it today.


Through high quality and handpicked education we aim to empower the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture profession. 

Our mission is to make Chinese Medicine a leading healthcare force in our modern society. To achieve this, we:

  • Present only the “best” teachers, masters and educators in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.
  • Provide high quality practical courses that emphasise instant clinical outcomes, results which are supported by the in-depth theory and treatment principles.
  • Our seminars not only focus on theory, but they also incorporate “hands-on” and practical sessions.
  • One lecture is never enough to master the skills. Our supportive community is always available to discuss and share clinical case studies. When possible, a hospital or clinical internship will be available to provide a hands-on experience with the master
  • Provide the highest quality seminar venue and study environment.

Founder - Dr Scott Ling

Dr Scott Ling

Dr Ling is the clinical director at Sustain Health. Over the past 10 years, he has developed the practice to be one of the most reputable Chinese Medicine clinics in the country.

In the past 15 years of clinical practice, Dr Ling has lost no time in expanding and deepening his knowledge. You can find Dr Ling at the majority of TCM seminars, conferences and symposiums, both domestic and international. His pursuit of quality treatments and relationships is reflected only by his large patient base and patient referrals. With an average accumulation of over 100 CPE points per year, the numbers speak for themselves.

His greatest passion is to share all of his experiences with the Chinese Medicine community... both in Australia and abroad.

Dr Ling deeply believes that in order for practitioners to be effective, they must elevate their practice and diversify their skill set through ongoing education and pursuit of knowledge.

He hand-picks the best Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture masters and their methods from around the globe... aspiring to improve, learn, and grow together with the community.

Dr Ling's goal is to elevate the standard of the Chinese Medicine profession and make Chinese Medicine one of the most sought after healthcare modalities in this modern healthcare environment.